Causes and Prevention of Baby Hiccups

About every baby is familiar with burp and hiccup. As a parent, you also have good experience of baby hiccups. This is a normal thing for babies that happen due to the tremor of human diaphragms.

Hiccup does not consult with any age but, certainly with health. Babies are liable with hiccups, and that is the reason they may have this painless condition in the womb also. According to research, some babies have hiccups after completing their 1st six of formation so here we presents Causes of Baby Hiccups in very detail..

Majority time’s baby hiccups turned for over a minute or above, but within the shortest time, it reduced without harming a baby. Truly, I have seen babies sleeping with hiccups;  thus, doctors considered hiccups as the normal behavior of babies.

Well after having this hiccup detail let’s have a look deeper for its causes;

Causes of baby hiccups:

The main cause of this unusual condition is only the irritation of diaphragm (bottom muscle of rib cage.) At the end of this irritation; there produces a sound like “hic” “hic” and that is the reason it is called as hiccup. The main advantages of this condition are that, through hiccups, babies can pass out extra gas from the tummy and get mature their intestinal structure.

Well, still, specialists are still not sure about the baby hiccupping reason, but the hypothesis reveals some facts that are given below. Please take a look;

  1. Overfeeding:

Baby hiccups happen due to overfeeding (breast milk, top feed, and other foodie items). New mothers want to feed their babies a lot, and this overfeeding is end on baby hiccups. Personally, I advise these mothers to feed their babies in the limit.

  1. Quick feeding:

Fast feeding is another main cause of baby hiccups. Mostly, for going somewhere, we feed our babies to fast. Surely this fast feeding will be agonizing for our babies and may result in hiccups. Dear parents, no problem where you are about to go, having ease, and feed your baby relaxingly. Definitely, your smooth feed will not harm your baby.

  1. Swallowing extra air:

Swallowing extra air can make your baby hiccupping. This swallowing is optional, and very few babies do that. No worries, if your baby is also swallowing air with eating. Just make your baby relax and shut his mouth slightly.

  1. Change of stomach temperature:

Eating hot and cool foods together can produce hiccups in babies. Many new mums feed their babies randomly, and they really don’t care for food. This hot and cool feeding is the most common cause of baby hiccups. Try to give your baby fresh food at normal temperature, and avoid to give cold water after a meal.

  1. Drinking a lot of water:

Having a lot of water after food can make our babies hiccupping. Giving food/mother feed is beneficial for a baby, but remembers do not give water in over quantity then.

(FACT): It is clear that over-drinking of water after food could be the cause of severe abdominal pain even in elders, so please avoid this nosiness.

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